The exclusion of financial, technical and financial risks and the focus can be placed back on the core business. An acquisition can fit in the acquisition of the assets or the acquisition of the shares of the SPV. Term financing (including leasing) can be further put. EnerVest Belgium makes a permanent screening of new locations for redevelopment (removal) of PV systems. We always went looking for roofs with higher local consumption resulting in higher energy yields and income. The redevelopment involves the complete dismantling of the existing system, and also in a design, there is created in the new location for the purposes of optimum production.


  • Removal of the PV roof project to higher local consumption for higher revenues.

  • Because of a building demolition – vacancy or bankruptcy.

  • A complete disassembly and rebuilding at another suitable location.


  • Optimized performance of the PV system.

  • Restatement of Contracts, insurance policies, etc ..

  • Extras like charging points, carport systems, battery storage are possible.

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