Why Asset management?

  • Full return handling in terms of administration, budget control and production
  • Administrative follow-up of the system is our daily business
  • Budget monitoring: monitoring of the business plan & analysis of the figures
  • Land lease giver: communication & negotiation on site
  • PPA contracts: negotiation tailored to the user (s)
  • Insurance policies: the best rates via our frame contract. By handling cases regularly, we achieve efficient results
  • Invoicing: by strong automation we can win up to 4 weeks in liquidity. By connecting the systems more efficiency.
  • Framework agreements for cleaning reduces the price and gives us a better planning
  • Follow-up technical inspections
  • Follow-up optimization: we actively keep searching for improvements, so higher yields
  • Follow-up warranties & repairs: a time saving for you internally
  • Fixed point of contact for all your Solar questions

This results in higher energy yields and revenues.

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