Emission Rights

 CO2 Certificates

Turbo drive for the industry

An important political tool, the setting of upper limits for certain fuels, gives shape to the emission trading. This offers the State, among other things, the possibility to influence environmental objectives directly and this reinforces the position of political regulatory forces. Emission trading in the EU wants enterprises to purchase a certificate since 2005 for every ton emitted CO2 to purchase a certificate. In practice the issuers get a basic number of free certificates. When the stock is used up, a new certificate has to be purchased for each additional tonne produced carbon dioxide. This trade takes place on the power exchange.

However, the renewed legislative design of the EU foresees a substantial change in the current give-away practices. In practice, this means that conventional, by fossil fuel powered power stations, are taxed much higher than they were up until now. From 2013 on at the latest, the pollution rights will no longer be distributed free of charge, however only be sold. For the big energy producers is an additional billions of costs, which will undoubtedly be passed on in the increasing power costs. The renewable energies will immediately benefit from this new arrangement and have two sides: on the one hand it simplifies the accessibility for medium-sized enterprises that were excluded of these free divided rights up until now, thanks to the simplified sell of emission rights, on the other hand, the support throughout the rising energy prices of the market penetration of renewable energy and thereby contribute to the economic development of the sector.